Jack and Jill and Ken and Barbie want to divorce | The Success Show

September 29, 2015

Jack and Jill went up the hill, got married and lived happily ever after. Oh really? What nobody shares is the unplugged version of this fairy tale!


Shortly after getting married Jack cheated on Jill and to get even, Jill did a revenge cheat on Jack with Ken. Now Barbie found out and all hell has broken loose. Jack now hates Jill and wants to divorce her. Barbie’s world is ruined. She has torn up all Ken’s designer clothes, hidden his hair gel and is swiping her sponsored credit card like there’s no tomorrow, and, to crown all this off, her friends are telling her to divorce the filthy Ken.

That’s more like it – now we’re in the real world – a world where people cheat, hurt each other, do unthinkable things to avenge their pain, use children as weapons of mass destruction and then, when it’s all boiling over properly, implement divorce proceedings.

Now sit down Jack and Jill, and Ken and Barbie, and listen to what this woman has to say.

Enter a calm head, the voice of reason – Gillian Lowndes. Gillian Lowndes is a Johannesburg based attorney with a practice that specialises in family law. Her goal is to ensure fair settlements for her clients and to educate them about the impact the law has on their specific issues. In this week’s show Gillian digs in to all the practical aspects around what to do right before getting married and how to deal with the fall-out of divorce should it rear its ugly head.

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