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October 8, 2015

Acutely aware of the skills challenges facing clients, Tuesday Consulting focuses on those services that are proven to be the most effective in helping companies anticipate and address their skills needs. Tuesday Consulting’s suite of services empower their clients to source the right people for the position, their organisation and culture. Their research model provides clients with additional value by way of qualitative market intelligence, insights into remuneration levels and skills availability, competitor awareness and trends in organisation design. Tuesday Consulting also undertakes specific assignments in talent management and succession planning. All areas of their business are underpinned by an unfailing commitment to professionalism and discretion regarding both client and candidate information.

Suzanne Styles’ latest and most ambitious project to-date, The Queen Particle, focuses on female breadwinners and creating an intimate learning community for them through which they can deliberately create the personal and professional success they desire. Her book, The Queen Particle, written to inspire and guide female breadwinners around the world, is due soon. You can read some of Suzanne’s story “It is What it Is” here

Chris and Suzanne Styles are all about developing people, building businesses and delivering results.

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