Reflecting On Your Year That Was

February 4, 2017
What a week it was for South Africa, the death of Nelson Mandela came as a shock to the nation, even though he had been unwell for some time. In light of this it was quite apt that Chris and Suzanne had chosen this weeks show to reflect on what you had achieved this year. Reviewing your Goals is so important and this is exactly the right time to do it. But not to castigate your self for what went wrong, to celebrate what you had done right too.


Between them, Chris and Suzanne Styles have over 30 years of hands-on experience gained from senior executive corporate roles as well as owning their own businesses. They host Africa’s only weekly business coaching talk radio show and have interviewed many of the world’s top mind and money experts. Their book Put The I Back In Team has challenged conventional leadership thinking. They are the only speakers and coaches who offer The Decisive ACUITY System, The Complete POWER Solution™, The Trading Mind™, African Entrepreneur Rising™, Mind Power Safari™, Mind and Money Safari™ and Branding Small Business Workshops™. For more information on Makes You Think


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