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September 22, 2015

Stress Gone by Bridget Edwards

In the book Stress Gone by Bridget Edwards, she writes “In today’s world where high powered economic drive and corporate profiteering are the order of the day, the stressful pressures of even the most ordinary job or workplace are probably the biggest sources of one’s stress. Demanding bosses, impatient clients and every increasing deadline pressures put most people under enormous stress. I think it fair to say that most people feel that the expectations of a regular 9-5 day job is exceeding the norms of say a decade ago. There seems to be little or no time for a breather or break during the course of the day to completely switch off, be still, and quieten the mind. Although stress at work can be beneficial for some because it motivates and inspires them to be driven and achieve goals, not everyone responds well to stress. For most people, stress is overwhelming and debilitating, and with continuous stressful demands they run the risk of illness and disease.”

Stress Gone by Bridget Edwards is a comprehensive guide and self-help programme providing an in-depth understanding of stress. The programme consists of 16 practical exercises to quall day-to-day stress, 50 strategic tips, a workbook and audio processes to dismantle stress related issues.

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