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July 16, 2015

To pray or not to pray?

Is prayer a waste of time? Many people pray however do they get what they prayed for? If not, why not? “To pray or not to pray and if to pray, how to pray?” is the challenging question asked of Dr John Demartini by Chris and Suzanne Styles during their hour long talk radio interview with him. The aspect of Faith being a creative force, also enters their discussion.

Some of the greatest life and business success teachers that have ever lived, believed that if people knew how they were praying they would stop praying. This is because their words, their prayers, were fear-filled words and prayers and given that you always receive more of the dominant feeling you’re giving out, how would fear-filled prayer do anything other than bring back more fearful events and results for them?

It is your innermost, emotionally-charged thoughts and images which create your feelings, your actions and therefore all your results. So if your mind is filled with images of lack, scarcity and failure, and, if you’re filled on the inside with fear, how can even a powerfully worded prayer, do anything other than give you more of what you don’t want, more of the dominant images and feelings inside you?

This interview, guaranteed, will get you thinking and asking many questions around prayer and how to pray in such a way that you will get what you want.




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