Uyanda Manana, Director, Female Breadwinner and Single Mom | The Success Show

October 20, 2015

South African female breadwinner on success

Uyanda Manana is a Director with M&C Saatchi Abel South Africa. Suzanne Styles invited her on to The Success Show to discuss what it takes for a female breadwinner to create success, personally and professionally. During the interview Uyanda shares that her Mom, a powerful role model, helped hone her youthful desire for more and because she desired more, she realised that to get more she had to take risks in life, and so she did. Today she is a very successful woman and as she tells her story she reminds us that success is never achieved alone, in isolation of other people, that there are always “those few” who actively and lovingly helped get you to where you are today.

Suzanne Styles’ latest and most ambitious project to-date, The Queen Particle, focuses on female breadwinners and creating an intimate learning community for them through which they can deliberately create the personal and professional success they desire. Her book, The Queen Particle, written to inspire and guide female breadwinners around the world, is due soon. You can read some of Suzanne’s story “It is What it Is” here

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