What do I do when I’m paralyzed with fear? | The Success Show

October 28, 2015


Ever found yourself asking this question: What do I do when I’m paralyzed with fear? Sure you have! So has everyone who is alive on this planet. In this week’s episode of The Success Show, Chris and Suzanne Styles teach you exactly why you feel this way and how to overcome these fears you’re experiencing.

Many teach that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. We like to think of fear in a very different way. Whenever you’re feeling fearful, it is your higher-self letting you know that you feel this way because you are ignorant as to how to deal with the given situation. Fear flows from ignorance. Power flows from knowledge. The more you know, the more understand how something works, the less fearful you are of it.

Suzanne Styles’ latest and most ambitious project to-date, The Queen Particle, focuses on female breadwinners and creating an intimate learning community for them through which they can deliberately create the personal and professional success they desire. Her book, The Queen Particle, written to inspire and guide female breadwinners around the world, is due soon. You can read some of Suzanne’s story “It is What it Is” here

Chris and Suzanne Styles are all about developing people, building businesses and delivering results.

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